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Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair TSW 2023

Organiser (contact):
Oficyna Wydawnicza Oikos Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kaliska 1 m. 7
02-316 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 822 03 34,fax +48 22 822 66 49,

Event's official website:
Opening hours:
Nadarzyn, Al. Katowicka 62; Centrum Wystawienniczo Kongresowe WARSAW EXPO
Subjects covered:
  • tractors, orchard sprayers, orchard platforms, farm machines, mowers,
  • wood chippers, fertilizer spreaders, lifts,
  • loaders, fork lifts, delivery trucks
  • devices to control the atmosphere for storage of fruits and vegetables as well as other specialized refrigeration equipment and services
  • machines for sorting and packing fruit
  • elements of hail guard constructions, supports, grids
  • pallet cases, bins, pallets,
  • gardening accessories, mechanical equipment for professional work in the orchard and in the field
  • biological and chemical pesticides,
  • modern foliar and soil fertilizers,
  • organic fertilizers and growth promoters preparations for sanitary hygiene
  • mats and mineral wool cubes
  • building services – design and construction of large scale warehouses and refrigeration
  • other services for horticulture
  • Education
  • Food
  • Horticulture
  • Packaging
  • Tool & Machinery
Area netto:
Exhibitors quantity:
Visitors quantity:

(previous edition data)
18 000m2
Other information:
TSW is one of the largest specialist horticultural exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe. During the 13th edition of the Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair, exhibitors from Poland and abroad will present a wide range of production means: innovative fertilizers, plant protection products, products supporting horticultural production. The fair will be attended by companies dealing with refrigeration and storage, companies supplying machines for work in the orchard and gardening, for sorting and packaging fruits and vegetables. Producers of nursery material, fruit trading companies and those specializing in their processing will be present. Spacious stands give exhibitors the possibility to perfect presentation of their offer to all visitors.
During the two days of the fair, lectures by Polish and foreign specialists will take place: 10th Strawberry Conference, Orchard Conference "How to realistically improve the profitability of production?", Organic and Sustainable Gardening, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Field Vegetables and Crops Under Covers.

During TSW 2023, the Prof. Szczepan A. Pieniążek Awards will be presented for the eighth time. The jury will award products submitted by the exhibitors which are the most innovative and beneficial for gardening, the environment and society.

Oficyna Wydawnicza Oikos Sp. z o.o. has been organizing TSW Fair since 2013 – the owner of an advertising agency, the publisher of trade press including monthly magazines: "Drwal", "Brać Łowiecka", the biweekly "Las Polski", and a co-publisher of the magazine "Jagodnik".
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