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HERITAGE FAIR - Trade Fair for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and the Protection and Fit-out of Archives, Museums and Libraries

Organiser (contact):
Event's official website:
Opening hours:
Poznań, Stary Rynek 78
09:00 - 17:00
Subjects covered:
  • Materials, devices, instruments and tools used for preservation and renovation of monuments
  • Materials use for preservation and restoration of monuments,
  • Services within the area of construction works connected with preservation and renovation of monuments
  • Specilised furniture for archives
  • Equipment used for digitalisation of archive, office, museum and library resources
  • Technical equipment designated for protection of museum and library resources
  • Information management systems
  • Specialised equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Warehousing systems
  • Computer services and software
  • Documentation management
  • Equipment and services within the framework of protection, preservation and renovation of monuments
  • Equipment and devices designated for protection of museums, archives and libraries
  • (*) - others
  • Art & Handicraft
  • Books
  • Building industry
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Electronics & Automatics
  • Industrial safety & Fire protection
  • Multifarious
  • Photography, Film, Video
Other information:
The Heritage Fair will be accompanied by a two-day nationwide scientific conference titled:
Primum non nocere... The role of digitization in saving cultural heritage
The speakers will be experts and practitioners from all over the country, from leading scientific centers and the most important cultural institutions that implement large programs in the field of digitization of various types of collections. The conference will be an opportunity not only to exchange experiences and learn about different perspectives, but also to develop new solutions in the field of digitally saving cultural heritage. We would like to focus on the question of how to wisely and creatively combine conservation recommendations with activities, including: scanning to ensure that the digitization process is safe for the collections and its effects are attractive to recipients.
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